Adopted by well-known Polaroid and iSmart DV brands, backed by modular design, enhanced by compact and easy-to-use UI, our WiFi camera app provides the best-in-class functions for our partners and best user experiences for consumers under all usage scenarios.

With support for wireless realtime streaming, photo browsing, photo/video downloading, and comprehensive setting controls, we offer the complete solution for wireless sensing applications.
WiFi-enabled camera 應用工具是今年的重量級產品線,已經被廣泛地使用在知名相機品牌,例如拍立得,iSmart DV 等等。除此之外,也應用於行車紀錄器,極限運動還有居家保全的範疇。

我們的WiFi camera 產品本身採用模組化的程式架構,加上簡單易上手的使用者介面,在市場面已經獲得極正面的使用回饋。目前已經支援無線串流,瀏覽照片,照片及影片下載,我們的 WiFi Cam是一套完整又穩定的無線產品解決方案。