A Smart Mobile Gateway for Your Office Phone System

It's just one touch away~ Immediately turns your smartphone into an extension of your office phone.

The Smart Mobile Gateway app can quickly make your Android or iPhone as an extension of your office phone. No missed call from your VIP customers.

By taking advantage of existing WiFi infrastructure, it is a cost-efficient solution for remote workers traveling overseas by allowing your international Agents, overseas partners or VIP customers to make free calls to the office.

  • 你的智慧型手機就是公司無線行動分機,客戶電話不會漏接。
  • 對公司來說, 像是擁有自己的行動網路,不同電信公司手機互撥免費。
  • 員工國外出差,不再擔心昂貴的漫遊費用,電話節費。
  • 網路隨插即用。
  • 一鍵就完成的手機註冊程序,員工使用導入很簡單。