/ Your Smart Phone is now a Smart Nanny
You simply set one device as parent unit and the other one as a child unit, A+ Baby Monitor will auto connect in your WiFi network and allow you to hear your baby across the room and across the floor. It’s that easy.

/ CROSS Platform Support
Best cross platform support allows you to pair your Android phone/tablet with your iPhone/iPad.

/ 10+ Hours Usage
On most devices a fully charged battery provides more than 10 hours of continuous monitoring.

Run A+ Baby Monitor at the same time you check your email and perform other important things. Why not make the best use of your smart phones and pads!

/ ONE phone works as equally well
Install this app on a single device as a nanny in the baby room; a phone call will be made once it detects crying or other noise.

Saves audio logs (upcoming) Play soothing lullabies Two way audio, calm your baby from afar (upcoming)
只要在兩部智慧型手機/平板上都安裝這個嬰兒監視器App,就能夠把它們搖身一變, 成為一組好用的嬰兒監視器。

/ 手機就是嬰兒監視器
透過WiFi 連線後,設定一部裝置是放在小孩房的子機,另一部為爸媽機,就可以自動連線,隨時隨地聽見寶寶,掌握寶寶的一舉一動。

/ 跨平台,好重要
這款 APP還是跨平台的,所以,如果是 Android平板和iPhone 手機都安裝了,也可以搭配一起使用。換言之,使用上不需要兩部機器都一定是Android 或是 iOS。

/ 可用超過十個小時,好省電

/ 多工執行,好厲害
手機/平板正在監看寶寶的同時,你還可以回覆電子郵件,和朋友 LINE來LINE去,上網讀新聞—充分利用時間和你的智慧型手機。

/ 只有單支手機也可以是嬰兒監視器,好威呀

/ 其他功能…
  • 寶寶哭聲的歷史紀錄 (即將完成)
  • 播放催眠曲
  • 雙向聲音傳輸,跟寶寶說話 (即將完成)