The 2010 World Expo in Shanghai is the largest world expo ever, and more than 200 countries and international organisation and 70 million visitors participated in this global fair. It was our honor to be part of team responsible for "2010 World Expo app".

Our app comprehensively offers the interactive map guide to each pavillion as well as the event info. No more paper map, because the map in the app can be used offline too. In AR mode, you can browse the 3D image of the every pavillion and enjoy the audio orientation at the same time.
2010 年上海世界博覽會是中國首次舉辦的綜合性世界博覽會,也是歷屆規模與展地最大的。展覽期間共吸引超過了200 個國家和國際組織參展,與7000 萬人次的參觀人潮。我們有榮幸能被遴選為官方“掌上世博”的APP 的製作廠商。值得一提的是“掌上世博”的AR 瀏覽模式,3D 場館直接就能夠浮現在你的眼前,就像是置身世博展覽會中。

  • APP 集結精美的地圖,離線也能使用,方便查找和路線規劃
  • AR 瀏覽模式特別加入3D 展館圖片,讓使用者身歷其境
  • 語音介紹,隨時都能夠掌握展館資訊,與各項活動內容
  • 自動鎖定 AR 目標,只要將手機對準展館就能自動顯示相關訊息